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What My Mom Has Done To Me: The Perspective of an Acupuncurist's Child

Hi! My name is Morgan, and I’m Yumiko’s only child. I’m thirteen (Morgan is now 19 in 2022), and I love reading, sewing, drawing, swimming and trampoline-ing.

I was born in a yurt behind my Grandfather’s house, where my parents were living at the time. I was breech, and if we were in the hospital, I would have been born by cesarean section. Luckily, my dad called our acupuncturist, and he came and needled my mom. I came right out!

A lot of people ask me what I thought of acupuncture when I had it for the first time. I honestly can’t tell you, because I was about three months old. Over the years, I’ve been treated by a decent number of acupuncturists, both before and after my mom got her license. I’ve been treated for colds, ongoing stomach aches, headaches, neck pain, and anxiety.

When I was five, we moved 2 hours away from my hometown so my mom could go to school in beautiful Portland, Oregon. There I started kindergarten, and had a decent sized group of friends. We lived there until the summer of 2012, when my mom graduated. Right after that we packed up the moving truck and hit the road back to Eugene.

There, my mom started a practice, and I started fourth grade. I made myself a group of awesome friends, and was especially close to another new student.

Everybody I’ve told about acupuncture is always surprised to learn that you can fit approximately 20 acupuncture needles into the space of one standard shot needle. Believe me, I’ve told so many people about acupuncture. Last August, I went to a health fair where my mom had a booth and walked around with a needle in my head.

Recently, we moved here, to Maui, where I’ve already explained acupuncture to at least a dozen people. My mom always introduces me as her “Guinea pig”.

And with that, Guinea pig signing off!

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