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Cupping fever!

Have you seen the purple circle marks on Olympic athletes' backs? This is my back in this picture after a cupping treatment. I was having a bad cough for a while and couldn't shake it. So, my colleague applied a cupping therapy.

Cupping therapy is performed by placing suction cups on the area of the body. I use glass cups creating vacuum by using burning cotton balls.

Cupping is beneficial for releasing tight muscles. The marks are called "sha" and means that toxin and heat are released via opened up pores.

My back was very tight from coughing for a week. There are also acupuncture points on the upper back for relieving cough.

After this treatment, I was tired but felt much better. My cough stopped in a day or so after the treatment.

If you want to give cupping a try, give me a call. I just added cupping only service for $45 (30 mins session).

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