My 10 year old daughter has had major migraines for the past 2 years . I suffered as a parent to see my daughter go through so much pain , throwing up , dizziness, sensitivity to lights and not to mention missing alot of school because she would wake up almost twice a week in constant pain. Life was hard and the medicine that the nero doctor prescribed was not helping at all. 
A really good friend of mine requested that we see Yumiko for help with my daughter because she works well with kids. I gave it a try . I believe its the best decision I've ever made for my daughter. We had 2 sessions with Yumiko and my daughter has NOT had a migraine since and its been almost 2 months (no needles). Yumiko is an AMAZING person and I would definitely recommend anyone, kids/adults to her . She is the best ! We finally have our life back my daughter is very happy! Its now my mom's turn and so far AMAZING RESULTS. Dont wait our bodies deserve the best treatments.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


Yumiko is fantastic.  She has been treating my ten year old regularly for anxiety and stress, has made an incredibly positive impact in my son's life.  She communicates very well (not easy to do with children), he feels heard and has helped him learn how to be proactive in building healthy stress management routines.


I have a 4 month old so I was a bit nervous to contact her for acupuncture but my cutie pie needed some help so I decided to take a chance! First she is soo good with kids, my little one just loved her. She also has many different techniques to use on youngsters so she does not need to use needles if you or the child isn't comfortable with it! She also gave me homework of pressure points that would help. It totally helped! I actually wondered for a second how she could stay in business if she just fixes the problems so fast! Because my breastfeeding effects baby she does her best to treat me as well during the session. I was carrying a baby so she was able to use the other techniques on me, no needles. This lady is very knowledgable, really helped my little one, and is great to work with!


I like Yumiko. She put the needles in nicely and I felt calm afterward.

Sofia (age 6)


Nami (なみ)

Yumiko is a gentle, caring and warm practitioner. She has both the knowledge and instinct to tune in on what is needed and take care of what you need.


Yumiko is awesome! She really cares about her patients and she really knows what she is doing. She treats my son who is almost 3 and my daughter who is an infant. They love her! She is really patient and has made a huge difference in our lives. My kids have allergies (food/environmental) until we met Yumiko we hadn't been able to find any relief for them. I am very thankful that we found her! I highly recommend her to anyone who really wants to be well.


My daughter has seen Yumiko for multiple treatments over a two year period, beginning when she was 13 years old and ending when Yumiko moved. My daughter had never received acupuncture before and was a little nervous the first time she saw Yumiko. It was a big deal to get the needles, but Yumiko made it easy for her and started with small needles. Yumiko was very careful with each needle, making sure my daughter was ok. My daughter appreciated this and soon trusted Yumiko. She thought the needles were pretty impressive and asked me to take pictures of the needles while she was getting the acupuncture. After that first visit, Yumiko became one of her favorite people and my daughter asked to see her whenever she felt like she needed it. She also received the cupping from Yumiko, which provided great results too. My daughter saw Yumiko when she was first diagnosed with asthma and was having a difficult winter getting sick a lot and dealing with school stress. Yumiko helped her a lot that first winter and we are very grateful to her for her help, so we went back the second year too!


A sensitive & dedicated healer!


Yumiko is magical, magnificent, awesome and heroic.

Taya (age 14)

Yumiko is very gentle and amazingly in tune with my very sensitive body. She literally saved my life with pain relief that exceeded any pharmaceutical and helped allergies too. Yumiko was able to gracefully and empathetically treat me, a medically fragile and complex patient with many rare disorders, in such a way I wish all my specialists could learn from her such outstanding patient care qualities.


Yumiko is knowledgeable, fun and a good listener. She has a great rapport with my daughter. Both needle and non-needle techniques are effective in treating in my child's sensory processing issues - calming and improving focus. We are so thankful to have found Yumiko!


Wherever her business is, I hope it thrives, because she really helped me!

Siri (age 11)

Best acupuncturist in town: kind, thoughtful, and effective!


Yumiko is a delightful person and a wonderful practitioner. This is my first acupuncture experience and it has been delightful. She told me just what to expect and her touch is very gentle. I am amazed at how effective acupuncture has been for easing my pain. Thanks Yumiko!


Yumiko has helped me with some significant back problems. Her approach is direct and simple. I highly recommend her.


Yumiko treated every member of our large blended family over multiple years. We all loved her! Our twins were five years old when they started seeing her, and she put them completely at ease with her calm and playful manner. She treated every one of our children with dignity and respect. During our time with her, Yumiko effectively treated infections, muscular pain, auto accident injuries, ADD, autoimmune disease, emotional trauma, anxiety, and stress. Yumiko became a household name. We miss her very much! 


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