What to Expect

Initial visit: lasts approximately 60 mins

- The first appointment includes a detailed discussion of the health of your child and the issues that are occuring. We will do a health evaluation and discuss a treatment plan with you. Diet and lifestye suggestions will be given, Chinese tincure presctiption may be given, also. Your child will receive a treatment.

- For young chilldren and babies, a mom's or dad's lap may be the best place for them to receive a treatment. We will do our best to accomodate your child's needs/preferance.

- Please feel free to bring your child's favorite books, toys, balnket, anything that will make him/her feel more comfortable.


Follow-up visit: lasts approximately 30 mins

- A follow-up visit includes a short check-in to evaluate previous treatment, followed by a treatment.

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During an appointment -

- I will explain kids how acupuncture can help their health

- I will show them a needle (kitty whisker) and how acupunctue (tappping) will happen

- I use "kitty whiskers" only when kids are ready

- I will rub area of skin to de-sensitize before tapping takes palce

- The number of "kitty whiskers" is determined by a child's age, readiness, and health issue (usually anywhre between 1 to 8).

- Duration of needle retention varies in each child, anywhere from seconds (in and out) to 10-15 mins.

- Treatments are usually relaxing and calming


After a treatment -

- Please make sure to hydrate your child and avoid any extrenious activities, which can aggravate his/her health conditions

- Your child may seem tired after the treatment.

- Occasionally, you may see the symptoms get worse for short period before they improve. This can be due to the stimulation of energy flow. If you are concerned, please feel free to contact Aunty Miko.