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Shonishin Workshop
taught by: Tadashi Kanno​, Japan
assistant: Kazuko Saito, Japan
translator: Yumiko Freeman 
February 1 -2 (Fri & Sat)
9 am - 5 pm
​(NCCAOM and California Board CEUs)

(include lunch prepared by instructor's wife, Chizuko)
Makawao Hongwanji Buddhist Temple
1074 Makawao Ave, Makawao, HI 96768


To register: 

Send check payable to:

Maui Kids Acupuncture

P.O. Box​ 1581 

Makawao, HI 96768

or send payment via PayPal to: 

Hosted by:

Yumiko Freeman, L.Ac


About the instructor:

​Kanno Sensei has been practicing acupuncture/moxa since 1978 in Takasaki, Japan. He has also been practicing aikido and yoga for a long time which he incorporates into his practice and treatments. 

​He is a certified Daishi style shonishin instructor, has served as a president of its association of Kanto area in the past and has been involved in many acupuncture & moxa associations. He currently teachers part time at Ikuei Medical School in Maebashi, Japan. He continues and expands his studies, including invention of scalp acu - yoga, which he will share in this workshop. 

In this workshop, we will cover: 

- Shonishin variations

- How to talk to guardians

​- How to interact with children

- How to treat common childhood illness & health issues

- Basic diagnostic methods

- How to "read" the skin (Dx tool)

- Abdominal sounds (Dx tool)

- Scalp-acu yoga

- Teishin application based on YNSA

- Aikido exercise


​Pediatric Acupuncture Japan Tour 2017 

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